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Hi There!

I am looking for a pressure sensor to measure the continuous water level in a tank.  The area where I live it's difficult to get the pressure sensors.  Fortunately I could spot a guy who sells the washing machine spares.  He has a sensor(picture attached) but he has no clue how it should be fixed, neither me.  My understanding is,  it will output 0 to 5V based on the pressure, I can connect the output to arduino analog pin and measure the water level in the tank.  But the question is,  usually how its fixed in the washing machines? Will water goes in the tube attached to this sensor, or some other mechanism like air bag used to measures the air pressure?  Any or all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in Advance.


Water must be in the sensing lead. It's measuring the pressure generated from the weight of the water, called "head pressure". The sensor lead and sensor must be mounted at or below the lowest point of the tank being measured.



Is the actual pressure sensor underneath the black rubber ?
And are there three pins to connect it ?

If you know the brand of the washing machine you can perhaps find how to use the sensor.
Is it one of these (click "See Larger Photo") : http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/lucydeng1/product-detailLqimbMGPbNWH/China-Washing-Machine-Water-Level-Sensors-Pressure-Sensors.html


Thank you!


Yes,  The pressure sensor is underneath the black rubber and there are three pins to connect.  Its similar to DN-S18 in the link you mentioned

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