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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to make a game controller so instead of using the joystick you tilt the controller.
It's just a simple X-axis = left right set up but I'm still fairly new and it's giving me grief.

Currently I haven't got the Axis to work at all and the code is churning out 'W' constantly I have no idea why.

#include <Esplora.h>

void setup()

void loop()
 int right = Esplora.readButton(SWITCH_RIGHT);
 int left = Esplora.readButton(SWITCH_LEFT);
 int down = Esplora.readButton(SWITCH_DOWN);
 int up = Esplora.readButton(SWITCH_UP);
 int leftright = Esplora.readAccelerometer(X_AXIS);
 int updown = Esplora.readAccelerometer(Y_AXIS);
 //these are the values for the accelerometer.
 int xAxis = Esplora.readAccelerometer(X_AXIS);    // read the X axis
 int yAxis = Esplora.readAccelerometer(Y_AXIS);    // read the Y axis
 Serial.print("x: ");      // print the label for X
  Serial.print(xAxis);      // print the value for the X axis
  Serial.print("\ty: ");    // print a tab character, then the label for Y
  Serial.print(yAxis);      // print the value for the Y axis

   if(up == LOW)

   if(down == LOW)
   if(left == LOW)
   if(right == LOW)

 if (updown > -100)

 if (updown < 100)

 if (leftright < 100)

 if (leftright > -100)

 delay(1); //amount of time delay per loop, measured in milliseconds.

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