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i have 2 question and reply plz (i have a project, i don't have many time and thanks).

the first
My project is a controller lamp (did ??from the control relay 5v) and used two other relays.

one relay plays the role of a (motor electricity) and the other relay plays the role of (the state electricity).

Relay 5 V: Connect to pin 5 arduino and connect to lamp that connects to electricity
relay 220v (State): Connect to pin 2 (interrupt 0) and connect  cable to electricity
relay 220v (motor):  connect pin 3 (interrupt 1) and connect  cable to electricity
and a sensor measuring the lamp current

I'm there when (the state electricity) the fluorescent lamp when I remove the cable of electricity (turn off the lamp) and at the same time must measure the current and if the current> 0.2 light the lamp nor Turns off the lamp from relay pin 3

if anyone can help with, thank you.


#define relayx 2
#define relay2 5
#define relayy 3

volatile int x=LOW;

void setup()

  pinMode(relay2, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  measure current ( x)

void ETAT(){
void relaymoteur(){
  if (x>0.2)
    digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);
     digitalWrite(relay2, LOW);

a une relation avec:http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,147562.0.html

the second

i have 3 push button and i want to control lcd (16*2).
the 3 push button is up,down  and select to lcd
for example
if the lamp appears (turn on) in lcd
I want to click button select (for turn off the lamp)


Please do not duplicate the same thread you have already started, your thread http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,147562.0.html
The fact you received little assistance in that thread is no reason to re-create an identical thread.

And I will repeat what I mentioned to you in your other thread here again for you;
rockwallaby wrote:
You would be better served if you posted this topic in 'General Electronics' or 'Programming Questions' section of the forum, possibly more people will notice it there.

Also, please try to be as descriptive and clear as possible, spend a few extra minutes to do this and provide code in the code section brackets so it is displayed correctly. It is provided there for you as a button on the online editor.

You can also help yourself much more by making use of serial print statements to see what is happening with your code.
That way you will learn.

tarekza3tari wrote:
i don't have many time and thanks

You will need to make time, if you are wanting to succeed!
Use this forum, use google, use your brains to learn, enjoy and have a sense of achievement with Arduino.

Again you fail to read or understand to place your code within the codes brackets.

Maybe a MODERATOR could please move this thread and help this guy.

Paul - VK7KPA

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