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Author Topic: Proposed "sticky" : How to use this forum  (Read 4314 times)
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The final post on that page now lists all the anchors:,148850.msg1118343.html#msg1118343

Please post technical questions on the forum - not to me by personal message. Thanks a lot.

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Excellent. Thanks Nick.


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i must admit, i never read any of that stuff, which is why on my very first post on this forum i did all the wrong things, of which i will apologize for. i also made some jokes in one of the topics someone started about people demanding to be shown how to make an led blink, lol. someone pm'ed to see if i was kidding, i assure you, i was. again, apologies for that. morale of reply? new guys, follow the tips and rules here, noone has to help you, they do on their own free time.

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