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I am drawing a general purpose shield for the DUE/Mega using ExpressPCB. Eagle files are available for the boards as well as for several shields but I do not have Eagle. Can someone please verify that all of the headers are on .1" centers with two exceptions. the ICSP header seems to be off grid. the header for digital pins 8-13 and Aref etc is off by .05" its the adjacent pins on this and the header  with digital pins 0-7 are .15" apart instead of .2" as with the case with all other adjacent headers. the SPI header is on .1" grid


I am drawing a general purpose shield for the DUE/Mega using ExpressPCB.


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because i am too cheap to buy Eagle and too lazy to learn to use it. i am making the general purpose shield but will only have it made once i add additional circuits. i need to cram a lot on (a POR chip, quadrature decoder, SD card socket in an accessible position, screw terminals and an auxiliary microcontroller) and don't want to do a lot of point to point wiring. i have some dev shields on the way and will use these for prototyping but once i figure out what i need, i will copy the circuit to the general purpose layout.

the project i am working on needs to have a lot of stuff between the DUE and a TFT shield. i can probably fit it all on both sides of the dev shield but don't want to wire another board once the proto is working.


I believe your pin spacings are correct, although I haven't looked at the ICSP header.

There is a free version of Eagle which I use to examine the Arduino reference files.

For creating PCBs, I use Kicad. There are some Arduino footprints already available for Kicad. I can provide some Due footprints for Kicad if you like.
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any help in this regard would be appreciated. i would like to print out bout layouts to a large scale and see if they register. my printer seems to not be totally accurate so i can not print out board sized registration check sheets. i will check out Kicad. please send me the layouts for DUE or tell me where to get them. also any links for kicad would be appreciated in case i can't find them. you can e-mail the files to spencer@spencerserolls.com

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