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Can someone tell me what the detector inputs when it receives the IR beams of light.

Can someone give me a VERY BASIC code to test it out.


its an analog voltage, the more IR the closer to vin it puts out, less the closer to ground it goes


I don't know the emitter reciever your refering to, but if they are like the ones in this post -


They do not output a voltage, instead thier resistance changes with the amount of IR. To get a useful voltage reading out of these, you need to connect them to a series resistor.

These guys have a few links to circuits you can try -


Duane B
Read this
then watch this



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the radio shack pair is a IR LED and a IR photo transistor with its base connected to the IR detector

its getting geeky in here so here is a picture

you hook the line going out to the left to an analog input and analog read it then you need to decide which is HIGH or LOW if you just want binary on off signals

0-96 = off
128-255 = on

with a little dead room in the middle so it doesnt flutter,  just about every light source has IR in it hence the ranges

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