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Hello all!

I'm working on a project that uses several rotary encoders (just discovered pin-change interrupts on an ATMEGA328 -- awesome!), and I'm having a very hard time finding a source for knobs.  Does anybody have any suggestions where I can find knobs for a 6mm flatted "D" shaft with no pointer line or dot?  My usual go-to source is mouser.com, but either they don't carry much or I'm just not getting along with their search engine this time.  I'd prefer a US distributor, but I'd be willing to consider ordering internationally too.



Will any of these do?
Maybe put a sticker or dab of paint over the end of the knob.
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You'll have better luck searching for 6.35mm shaft knobs. It's been my experience that they fit a flatted 6mm shaft just fine and the 1/4" (6.35mm) shaft is more of a standard, so far. Mouser has some with no markings, but they are expensive. I'd Google for 1/4" shaft knobs.


I'll definitely have to keep the paint trick in mind for future projects, as well as the 6.35mm tip!  As it turns out, Mouser does have a few knobs that look like they'll work:


For some reason I hadn't found the caps without pointers until now.  Will add some to my next order and try them out.

Thanks for the quick responses!  ...and now, back to creating more Arduino awesomeness.


Also check musical instrument suppliers; electric guitars use the same non-pointed knobs you need and some supplier sites have a dizzying array of pretty fancy knobs.

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