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Author Topic: Infra red Camera  (Read 297 times)
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Hi guys,
 I just got hold of an IR camera. On the circuit board of it, I could see three pins. One is 12V, the second is GND and the third is something that starts with isn't very clear. I am assuming it is the data line. So how can I get videos or images off the cam and store it directly to the hard disk.
Please help. Thanks and regards

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What does its documentation say?

Your first task should be to read its data sheet or user manual or appnotes or whatever... if it didn't come with one maybe you should Google it.

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I don't think you connected the grounds, Dave.
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I am assuming it is the data line.
Digital data at video rates is not usually let out on its own and is normally accompanied by a clock, so it is most likely analogue video, and therefore not going anywhere near your hard disk without a framegrabber.

But that's just a guess, based on the information to hand.

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