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Hi all,

I have this old toy computer from VTEK with math and letter games, and i was wondering if the LCD could be salvaged to be used with my arduino for other projects...

Is this doable? or is it too difficult that it's not worth the trouble?

Here are some pics of the stuff i'm talking about...



Difficult and not worth the hassle. Everything on that PCB is highly custom, the same is the LCD glass.

Forget it and move along...

// Per.


Well... that's what i thought... think i will try to repurpose all the electronic components i can...  $)

Thanks anyway for the help!



Yep. remove all the standard components and reuse them. Quite interesting with the ferrite beads they put on the wiring, the electronics must generate RFI like hell since they've gone such a long way to eliminate it.

// Per.

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