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just got this stuff from Italy, connected as shown here:

Unfortunatelly I do not see numbers on capacitor well, so this reset pin is connected to +5V .

Everytime I want to upload "blink", I get this error: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp0x00.

1) which programmer I need to choose from menu? (I googled a bit, and have seen some answers that when I use usb to serial - does not matter. I do not believe it too much)
2) settings for the COM port? BPS,DB,P,S,FC (I tried from 9600 to 115200)
3) could the capacitor help? should it be 100nF or 100uF?

Thanks in advance


I am running W7-32.
Loop back test works fine with serial monitor.
LED connected to 13 blinks on startup

I bought a capacitor as well 100nF.

Nothing helped so far.

Does no matter which "Programmer" I choose from Tools. Same fault


Restarted everything, "blink" program started to work, I put timing 500ms and 500ms.

Once per 30sec CPU automatically resets itself (LED blinks like at start up). Removed capacitor and connected R pin to +5V.
Now it is stable, but upload is possible only with this capacitor (100nf).

What is wrong when external reset connected through capacitor with arduino reset pin?


Long ago was the last post here but I have the same problem as you.
How did you get to fix it in the end?
To upload a program using 100nf capacitor.
For normal use connect a reset pin to +5 v or both reset pin to +5 v?


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