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Does it exist an i2c library for EEPROMs like 24LC01,24LC32 and 24LC256?
I saw a page about a library called eeprom24, but I couldn't find a download link for it.


Scroll down to I2CEEPROM here
see if those suit your needs.
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I'm bringing this post back to life, since I don't own the only supported EEPROM, 24lc256.
Like I said in the first post, I found a library called EEPROM24. the libries are well documented,(http://rweather.github.com/arduinolibs/classEEPROM24.html)

But since the library don't come with some example code, I finds it really hard understanding how to write code with it.
I've included all the library files posted at the developers github in a zip-file, if some are willing to help. If I can get this library working, I can use the whole 24lcXX EEPROM series easily :)




Hello I am created yet another library to read and write small 24AA01/24LC01C 128B chip.



or - http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/LibraryForI2CEEPROM
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