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Nico Maas

Hi there,

I wanted to wire up an RFM12B module as transciever to an ATTiny85.

As for the project, I need the (Analog Input 2) / PIN 4 - so I only have 4 pins for the RFM Module.
Is that ok? Does that work? Has anyone managed to use this module with the ATTiny85?

If it would be of any help, it would also be ok if this combination could only recieve data, but not send any.

I don't have any of these RFM12Bs flying around here, as I just wanted to get some information about these first and how I would interface them - if possible.

Thanks a lot,



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It's probably "not" ok, but I can't say 100% for sure. The normal I/F for the RFM12 also uses
a h.w. interrupt on the Arduino - eg, see the JeeNode. So it takes Sck,MISO,MOSI,SS, and
INT = 5 pins. The problem is, the RFM12 only has a 1 or 2 byte receive cache, so if you don't
transfer the data immediately upon receipt, it may be overwritten. Something to double-check

Also, I think you have to pulse SS high/low to indicate end of transfers, so I don't think you
can just tie it to gnd.

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