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the usb socket on my arduino nano broke and the arduino still working,
but without the usb socket i can't write code to the arduino,
there is a way that i can burn the code using the pins on the arduino ?

and if this is help i have also arduino mega and uno.

Runaway Pancake

Feb 18, 2013, 04:00 am Last Edit: Feb 18, 2013, 04:09 am by Runaway Pancake Reason: 1
If you had a USBtinyISP (or similar) then you could use that.

As you have a "Uno", you could use the "Arduino as ISP" example sketch and rig the Nano, as the target device, to the Uno.  There aren't a lot of details of that specific (Nano-to-Uno) configuration, but there are examples using Uno/Duem. and "stand-alones", so you ought to be able to extrapolate based on that.

> > > Adding another useful link --   http://gammon.com.au/forum/?id=11637

BTW - Do NOT screw this up!  :)

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