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Is there anyone who knows how to tune cascaded PID?  My quadcopter project is similar to BlueCopter but I can't get of the bottom of this.

Thank you

You start innerst -> outwards. Since with cascades you assume the inner ones are infinitely fast, you first make sure they are nice, then go outwards.

Sample rates of 200-50 Hz are realistic. The feedback path has to include the state information: Angles and Rates. If it is raw "measurements" with noise added, depends on if you include a filtering model.

Oh an quike_gon: If you are in X configuration, it is correct. And pitch is defined as 'lean back', so if the front rises up.


BlueCopter - Arduino Quadcopter
Could you please tell me , how to connect INU(GY_80) board to arduino
And wht is AUX1 & AUX0 which is at pin 8 & 0.


hey im very new to this uas building or quadcopter. im currently in a group of students attending fairmont highschool. we have competed in a competition but are still beginning. we have it up and running but its very unstable. it requires constant correction. we havent written a sketch. we have only adjusted the pid values. we thought a sketch might make our quad fly smoother. two of our motors are spinning significantly faster than the rest. i wanted to know how might i go about getting a sketch for arduino that might fix our issues? please respond thank you.

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