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The EnableInterrupt library is ready for an alpha release, IMHO. See https://github.com/GreyGnome/EnableInterrupt.

The PinChangeInt library is deprecated. I will provide bug fixes for a time, but it's on life support as of today. The new library is easier to use, faster, and more comprehensive. The only advantage to using or supporting the PinChangeInt library is that it's legacy. Because of the functionality built into the new library, it's impossible to make the API the same. So it will probably require some code modifications to use the EnableInterrupt library.

I will open a new thread in this forum for new EnableInterrupt library announcements.

As always, enjoy!


@GreyGnome For some time now I have been using PinChangeInt Library successfully on Arduino Mega 2560.

I wanted to expand my implementation code and make it more Object-Oriented.
I ran into the library you have created ooPinChangeInt:

The problem is that when loading the example code, it doesn't seem to find the ByteBuffer.h file. It appears that the ByteBuffer library is not included in the ooPinChangeInt library file.
I did find the ByteBuffer library elsewhere, but it still does not compile and shows the same problem.

Any input regarding this?


Not sure if this helpful, had to update the ByteBuffer.h to match the changes to the ByteBuffer.cpp as of PinChangeInt Version 2.19beta. Added uint8_t  PutString(const char in*); and the extra voids - void putHex(uint8_t theByte);   void putDec(uint8_t number);

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