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Systematic banks of flamethrowers, lasers (pew pew), or Masers (microwave laser, their heads pop like peeps!) would be the best, the flamethrower systems could provide the initial coverage while the Maser system was built by my ragtag motley crew of post-apocolyptic chums.

Never use flamethrowers.  Never.

**Zombie coming at you**
**Use flamethrower**
**Now flaming zombie coming at you**


I can't believe that people would hole up in their homes. "Home" implies "on the grid" which implies easy access (for humans or zombies.) If you're going to hole up, you want to do it some place hard to get to, like an island (ever see a zombie use a boat or airplane)?


ever see a zombie use a boat or airplane

No but I did see them walk along under water in the Land of the Dead!


Don't listen to that foil hat suggestion!!!!!!! Foil hats offer little real protecton to your brain from zombies. As a defensive measure against mind control and brain wave monitoring they are 60% effective though.


I would:
Find out cause of Zombies
Fly to CERN
Create a brief inter-dimensional rift
Get into the 5th Dimension.
Bend the 4th Dimension (Just like how we, 3rd dimension, can bend paper, 2nd Dimension.)
Make myself travel back into time to stop the infection.
If there is a cure, bring it.


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I was more into Age of Aquarius... but of course another of their biggest hits is more appropriate..

Apparently, "Getting into the Fifth Dimension" can provide a very immediate escape option, also.. Zombies can't fly.  This I am sure of.


"Up Up and Away" - The Fifth Dimension

(Now, even if you didn't play the video- try to stop yourself from humming at least a few bars.
You can't.  It's cheese, bad bad bad cheese.. and now it's stuck in your head, too.
It's My gift, to you.)


If there is a cure, bring it.

And if there's not?
How you going to stop the zombies then?  :D


Okay this Mohar Power revelation is going to help out quite a bit. With those guys on call for 24/7 service of my solar zombie defense/destruction hardware I definitely have greater peace of mind. After all, these guys have been servicing anti zombie infrastruture since '82!

Damnit! They are like 2000 miles from Seattle.

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