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The last time I made a friend, the villagers showed up with torches.

I've always considered that sheer numbers always seems to be a major issue.  One zombie is usually fairly easy to dispatch, but both variants (* your primary variants are your "slow" and "fast" zombies, or "shamblers" and "runners") tend to pose their greatest threat simply due to thousands of their grotesquely decaying forms coming after your fool ass at a time.

Projectile and explosive weapons, which are plentiful in post-apocolyptia (and in some cases, there are inexplicable ammunition vending machines, and something called "Thoracic reconstructive surgery in a can" I've heard) though both plentiful and spectacularly graphic, have the major drawback of needing ammunition, which of course you cannot carry even one round of ammo for each of the thousands of zombies after you.  You are GOING to run out of bullets, even with the six hundred round clips that pistols all use, you can only carry so many clips.  Simple math.. more meat than heat. (hehe I like that phrase, must remember it)  Even if you live in one of these odd communities with vending machines for grenades and sniper rifle ammo, you'll never be able to carry enough change, or the damn bill thing will just keep on spitting it out over and over and over right when you really really need it to work the first time.

Mechanical devices are potentially a much better option, especially if one could construct some type of mechanism which either could operate continuously or self-reset in a very short time.  One particularly efficient setup might consist of a hallway of sorts, equipped with high-speed rotating blades at various heights and angles, with a gutter system down the sides for keeping things nice and neat.  Now, just put a nice fat baby or something at the other end of the hall, and maybe keep a firehose handy for the inevitable backup caused by hair in the drain.  Never mind the hair is still attached to the head, it's still a hair clog and Drano is tough on clogs.  The key is of course to keep the zombies running into the system to be efficiently dispatched and disposed of.  Cooking would destroy any potential pathogen which CAUSES the zombie plague, so it should be fairly easy to keep a stable of nice fat babies.  No worse than what McDonalds gives us every day.. and who's to say that maybe there's something to this lust for primate flesh-- zombies might be darn tasty.  It's all about the sauce, like anything else.

Still, to my mind, directed-energy or fuel/air devices are probably the most dependable and sustainable.  Systematic banks of flamethrowers, lasers (pew pew), or Masers (microwave laser, their heads pop like peeps!) would be the best, the flamethrower systems could provide the initial coverage while the Maser system was built by my ragtag motley crew of post-apocolyptic chums.  I've not completed it yet, but I'll let you know I've even begun composing a jaunty tune to share while we work.  Nothing like a catchy tune, while you incinerate the mountains of rotting flesh that extend as far as the eye can see, in my mind, anyway.  Maybe we could do the tune with PWM!

Do I spend a little too much time thinking about such things?  My response:  "Only time will tell."

(Turns dramatically into the breaking dawn, winsome twangy music as we fade to black..)
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


What zombie rules are we following?  General dumb as concrete or The Walking Dead semi intelligent/move quite well?

Im lucky enough to live near a gun shop(pretty rare in the UK) and the garden center down the road has some big solar arrays.  I'd make a stop at each + the Tesco express at the top of the road then go home and set up.

I'd use the arduinos for automated sentry, solar charging management and more code transmission(with FM transmitter).


Arduino automated flame guns, triggered by laser trip wires.  Anything not zombie that gets cooked can be eaten.

Anything explosive, projectile or otherwise physical is going to result in blood and gore.  Zombie blood and gore is infectious, I don't want any of that near me.

I'd need a lot of fuel though.  Maybe a distribution hub with lots of booze (over 40% so it'll burn).


I think anyone here concerned only needs to obtain some tin foil to fabricate into a shield that can be placed onto and over your head. Thus protecting one from such fears.



IR / ultrasound sensors and high voltage
(Moo ha ah ha ha!!!   ;D) ;D
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