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I wondering if is possible to use a DAC of Arduino2 as "arbitrary" waveform generator.
I imagine is possible to simply "write" a numeric value (a vector of values from a file for example), isn't it? Which is the maximum rate?

Instead, using the standard Arduino Library, what is the maximum frequency?

Thank you very much



What is "Arduino2"?
I think best performance may be achieved  with SPI data sent to an external DAC.
Default data rate is 4 MHz; actual data rate will depend on how much processing your code does between messages that are sent out, and your method of controlling the chip select line.
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Leon Heller

He probably means Due - isn't that Italian for 2?
Leon Heller


Sorry for the late.... and thank you to CrossRoads for the suggestions.

Yes, Due in Italian means 2.

Also if I can obtain the best performance in terms of rate with an external Dac I would like to use one of the two internal DACs of ArduinoDue even with a low rate.

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