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:smiley-zipper: hello everyone...
--it's rainning on paris !! bad !  :~

i 'd'like to find a simply way to use my MPU 6050 gyroscope with my arduino one;
for exemple , reading the values on the serial port when i moove my board of MPU..up/down  :smiley-roll:

if you've got thomething like that...great.... :smiley-mr-green:


Smiley faces - all over the place.
Useful links to hardware - conspicuously missing.


sorry ...am i wrong ?  :smiley-red:


am i wrong ?

No. But, you haven't provided a link to the gyroscope. Most gyroscope sellers provide a link to a library that deals with their particular gyroscope, making it easy to use.


These are low voltage devices; finding the software might be the least of your worries, unless you already have level shifters available, or are running your Arduino at reduced voltage.
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:smiley-red: i'm so sorry ! excuse me ! i feel so guilty !!
it's bad ... i know...

well my product is this : http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/MPU-6050-module-3-Axis-gyroscope-accelerometer-for-Arduino/574318061.html

it is very small , i connect the connector on and now i try to make it work with my arduino uno..
power + 5v /gnd/i2c wire..

i only want to detect variation  position...
more ?...


XD ok i'm happy !!

i used the jeff rowberg's lib and i'ts ok with an 3.3v connected on arduino uno sda & slc pin 4,5...
i think i gona test with a filter cause it's realy extremly sensible, anyway i gone get curv from this to see how it detec x/y/ axis sensibility..

best... :smiley-mr-green:


Most gyroscope sellers provide a link to a library

This seems like a fairly dubious claim,  I haven't seen any do that,  and those that do are mostly wrong.


i only want to detect variation  position...

What do you mean by this vague statement ?

A gyroscope detects angular rotation,  it won't detect "variation position" at all (  whatever you mean by that ).

What sort of application do you have in mind ?

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