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We have laser tag gear from a large manufacturer, but the buttons on their weapons don't seem to last.  We have had the weapons for 4 months and  I had to replace a button this week that was probably pressed less than 1000 times since we bought the gear.  I see some of the microswitches on the triggers are also starting to have problems.

I am working on designing our own weapons and I want to have the highest quality.  The manufacturer told me buttons are considered a consumable.  Normally the printing on my PC keyboard is typed off before I break a button.  That is quality.  I want to have the same type of quality and I want to make the weapons truly water proof.  Our weapons are supposed to be water resistent, but when the rain comes down the LCD screens stop working.  The trigger will be the only moving part on the weapons.  Are there any buttons/microswitches that I can look at to use?  Maybe I should try and use the same principle as a keyboard?


Cherry, Omron... both make high-quality switches with great tactile feedback

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