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Hello all,

I recently purchased an Atmel ATSAME70-XPLD evaluation board.

I would like to run the Arduino IDE using this board.

Didn't find any thing about this searching the forum and was wondering if anyone has attempted this at this point.

I have an existing project running on a Feather M0 Proto board. I need a faster clock speed and more memory resources to tweak the application. I can rewrite the code in C++ but would prefer to use the Arduino platform.

I few hints on how to proceed to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated since I have not tried this before.

Thanks in advance for any advice in advance!


arduino is c++ no difference,  step up from an M0 is an arduino Due 84MHz

no idea about the ATSAME70-XPLD but i doubt it as arduino wont be set up for it

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