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Author Topic: Unknown Status 0x00 error when burning bootloader  (Read 413 times)
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Ok now I am thoroughly confused, if I wasn't already.  I just tried using my mkII programmer to burn the fuses on one of the devel boards that I have (and that I know to work correctly).  I was able to do that; I could change the fuses to whatever I wanted.  I tried Cross's suggestion with the devel board too, and noted much the same behavior as the prod board.  However because the devel board uses through hole crystals, I was able to flip the board over and look at the voltage on the DVMM.  Both terminals showed approximately +2.45V.  I see +0.04V on the prod board crystal, but I cannot be sure that I am making a good connection to measure anything.  The new crystal is SMD, but I can see the legs and they're buried in a mound of solder.  So I would think that I could check it pretty easily.

So what the heck is going on?  Could this batch of crystals be INOP?  Seems rather unlikely that all 3 boards would be that way, but ....
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