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This is where that Nick Gammon hex loader project comes in...
I am sorry, GoForSmoke, I don't see why that hex loader project would come in: sure you can safely wire up an sd card to a 3V3 mcu, but that mcu would still be connected to the attiny in the same way and you would have to take the the same measures to not damage the due.

Frankly, about that hex uploader (with all due respect to Nick Gammons work, I learned from a lot of his his write ups): I don't understand why you would want to:

1.take the sd card out of the 'programmer'
2.put it in your pc
3.mount it onto the pc (or do the windows equivalent)
4.copy the hex file to it
5.unmount it
6.put it back in the programmer

...each time you recompile the attiny sketch,
instead of just:

1. hit 'upload sketch' in the ide.


I think that the uploader is more for small production work than prototyping.
I haven't built one yet because I'm still doing 1-offs mainly to test what I can do.

The other ways shown in this thread are okay, they work for us but it's a bit of a chore pulling out all the pieces and re-remembering and re-looking-up details to rebuild what gets used rarely anyway.

Nick Gammon on multitasking Arduinos:
1) http://gammon.com.au/blink
2) http://gammon.com.au/serial
3) http://gammon.com.au/interrupts

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