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Nov 21, 2017, 07:56 pm Last Edit: Nov 21, 2017, 08:20 pm by roya
I recently purchased a DAC8568 and successfully connected to my Arduino. Everything works fine except that I'm getting an output of max 2.5v. I read there is an internal amplifier which should help me getting to 5V but can't find a way to set it up. Help please? :)

BTW, currently it's connected to ground and 5v from Arduino mega and I'm using the internal vref.



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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I tried the code as well, max output is 2.5v... I wonder if I'm doing something wrong with how things are connected?

Ground and 5V from Arduino mega, I also enable internal vref.


Ok, seems like a purchased the wrong ic :( I didn't look at the small letters, it's indeed a package with max 2.5v...


Brief  overview of the data sheet tells me that full scale output 5V should be possible for all grades A/B/C/D.  Even C/D have only 2.5V internal reference, page 30 states "Gain = 1 for A/B grades or 2 for C/D grades" right after equation 1.

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