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The other day I lifted panel from the PCB and looked at the FPC to see for any resister which I can add/remove to change mode. There is R1 & R2 position & in one of the place 0R is soldered. Taking guess, I removed that and there is no initialization of panel. I put a solder bridge in the other position and there is no change in the behaviour. Finally came to the conclusion which is mentioned by Dimad. With no schematic for FPC, there is no way to find whether bs0,bs1,bs2 are brought out or not (that the reason I asked for schematic in my Nov 14 post but it looks we have only the PCB schematic not FPC). So I put it finally in cold storage.

The seller/assembler might be putting these together & selling it without knowing it is not enabled for 8bit.

Lesson - Buying these cheap displays and making it work calls for lot of luck (to have the right controller and with right wiring).

Later I ordered a display given at http://www.elecrow.com/wiki/index.php?title=2.8%27%27_TFT_Touch_Shileld . Did not order from this site but ordered from one seller at ebay India for INR 2500 (US$ 41, not cheap atleast but no guessing around to make it work and I got fed up with ordering from China, waiting for long time and in the end finding it not work-comment is just for tft, other items I am lucky so far to make it work). Just keeping my fingers crossed to see whether I will get a working one or not.


This displays how? The quality isn't good?


This displays how? The quality isn't good?
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hi i bought one of these screens and having issues getting it to work  i emailed who i brought it off and they sent me a data sheet on the data sheet it says the driver chip is a  st7781   when i read the sheet it look like it is 16 bit

but it also says something about using 8 bit  not sure what it means really as im new to this   have you had anymore luck yet ??

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