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Let me first start off by saying, yea... Im a complete newbie at arduino, programing and just about everything else.
That being said, im having trouble with my LCD touch screen i just bought. I bought it from radioshack ( its a seedstudio 2.8inch  tft touch screen v2.0, but i bought it from radioshack) i did do my research and it did say it was compatible with the arduino mega 2560 (the one i have..) it even says on the back of the box that its compatible with the mega...

so i plugged it in to the mega and then to my computer. the screen turn white, so i proceeded to download and transfer the files to the arduino library (http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8%27%27_TFT_Touch_Shield_v2.0)

then i try to run the examples and... nothing .... still just a white screen...

i will appreciate any help anyone can give me to get this thing working.

also just as a side note... i did notice on the box it does say the screen is V2.0, but(and im sure its not that big of deal) on the back of the LCD shield it says V2.1....dunno if that has anything to do with it...



Do you still have problems connecting the display?


I am in the same situation. I have seen the link:


but I do not understand it. Can anyone help me?


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There are three pads you need to cut and three pads you need to solder. Look at the second to last image for said pads.
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The advice from HazardMind is for the Adafruit TFT Breakout board, NOT for the SeeedStudio TFT 2.1 Shield, (I have both).

SeeedStudio's shield should work with their examples with no changes on a MEGA as the library has a conditional section that queries what board is being used and correctly configures the  compile for that board. I just checked their Circles example with my boards and it works.

If you're trying to use other libraries, I have a forum topic in which I posted how I got this same screen to work with the MEGA, it's at http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=305945.0.

The topic is somewhat specific to using the UTFT library, but the connection info for specifying the correct pins of the MEGA are generic to all libraries. Basically, the SPI bus, though specified for the UNO as the D11 - D13 pins, is actually routed through the ISP connector. Therefore, for other libraries, the SPI bus must be specified in other libraries as the duplicate pins found on the other connectors, i.e. on the MEGA, pins 50 - 52.

As I mentioned above though, the SeeedStudio libraries and examples are written such that you shouldn't have to worry about the pin assignments, they should just work. Have you tried deleting and re-installing their libraries? Or have you made any modifications to the code? Post what you did specifically including any modified code. I'm currently getting ready for our local Maker Faire this week, but I'll try to check back as I can.


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