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How do I upload my voice sound file recording onto arduino Uno? I already have a sound file recording with .wav file. In my fortune teller project I have a mannequin and torso up it is connected to the top of a box. There is a speaker in front of it and I want it to say things like, "Yes," "No," and, "Maybe." Thanks!

And how much storage/ memory does an arduino uno have? Do I need to worry about it? I want to know which sound files I can and can not use.
Thanks from the newbies!!!!!  :)


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How big is your sound file?
You can fairly easily attach an SD card.
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How do I attach a SD card onto an arduino? Do I have to buy the Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit just to upload sound files? Or is there a cheaper option?  :smiley-mr-green:  :)


Or is there a cheaper option?
Yes make it yourself. Have you got the skill?

Do I have to buy the Adafruit Wave Shield for Arduino Kit just to upload sound files?
You do not upload sound files to the SD card, you write the SD card on your computer and move it to the arduino.

There are other solutions but I think this is the cheapest.


I have the SD card break out board and interested in using the SD card in order to use larger sound files.  How do I connect it to my Arduino Uno?  :smiley-lol:   :smiley-cool: 

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