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I want to create, an Arduino sketch whereby large amounts of data are acquired.  This might be a good analogy:  I want to set up an automated weather station that will acquire and record wind, temperature and humidity and rainfall.   I see a path for the experiments but am puzzled about the vast amounts of data.  I have used MySQL in other settings and my bias is to go in this direction.  This must have been done many times in the past.  (Windows 10 with MySQL and Mega)          Any thoughts?


If it has been done, a search on this site might find it or point you to more places to look.  Gives you something to do while waiting for an answer.


So you want to directly write into mysql from Arduino?


I have run an Arduino weather station for some years using a Freetronics Etherten (Uno clone).  The arduino writes on schedule (or on an interrupt event for rain gauge) to php with a GET call to the script. PHP writes to the MySQL database and the database is used by a variety of methods to populate web pages and graphics. The same Arduino monitors the status of gates, doors and other sensors including water tank and pump alarms, which can send text alerts (via cURL calls from php).

I am happy to help your project in any way.  What is you initial challenge?

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