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I am new in ARDUINO field. Can somebody please help me with the code to find power factor ?

James C4S

That's a pretty common calculation.  Why are you looking for something specific to Arduino?
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Power factor ? What is that ?
Does it have to do with the mains ? Perhaps you can find information at the openenergymonitor site : http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/


a little more info, please. What is your project? Give specifics if possible, and we can help with the code!


Of what?

could you please share with me arduino uno programming for calculating power factor........ input to the arduino will be current zero crossing and voltage zero crossing ( for this i use the zero crossing detector)....... both are square wave and have zero and one(e.g 5v). my load is three phase induction motor and i am working on single phase and control the rest of two with them.

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