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No, I have experience with using certain tools and have them (like wire strippers and screwdrivers), but I do not have experience with soldering (nor do I possess a soldering iron). The reason why I thought a legged robot would be better is because legged robots can travel through obstacles (especially big ones) like stairs much better than wheeled robots can.


The question is, how will a robot, even a legged one, climb stairs? It will have to be big enough and also probably have the dimensions of the stairs hardcoded into it.
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Thank you. But for me assembling the wheels for that robot would actually be harder than creating a wheeled robot with a sophisticated turning mechanism.
What I suggested is essentially hot gluing a servo horn to the center of a pie pan. If that is difficult for you, your project may not go anywhere.
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Actually, zoomkat, that's doable. What is hard is assembling the complicated wooden wheels shown in the picture. As for making a robot climb stairs, I only said that it is possible to make a legged robot climb stairs. I never said it was easy; in fact, I am not working on that problem just yet. First I am going to try to just get the robot to walk.

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