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I don't know what category my problem is in, anyway I have posted this in, since I am new in using Arduino.

I have a project that needs to send image or data via email with the use of ethernet shield. I am planning to use my already set-up email server inside the virtual machine. the virtual machine uses a linux operating system and I dont have any clue how to enable the ethernet shield to send email inside the virtual machine's email server.

Please help me with this. I would appreciate your reply and It's great to listen and understand your wide knowledge about this :) thank you.


I have an example sketch in the playground that sends email to an email server using port 25.

If it is your email server, it should work fine. It works on my Linux email server.


how should I do it? do i have to run with arduino ide inside the virtual machine??? Thank you for your suggestion and clarrification:)


do you have instructables for that ? thanks for the help :)

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