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I'm really new in this so i would like to have some information about how to control security cameras using Arduino Uno Ethernet Shield and a smartphone.
It's a study project for my course Electronical Engineering. I started few months ago and i just don't know where i start with this project.

Informations about my project:
Applications: See listen and control the cameras using a smartphone app (android).
Itens: Arduino Uno - Ethernet Shield - Samsung galaxy Grand Quattro (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean)

I still don't have the cameras neither microphone that will probably be usb cameras and the cheapest microphone that i found cause professional ones are very expensive.

If someone could help me i'll be very thankfull.
Sorry for anything.


You will usually buy an I.P.Camera. You hook it up to your wi-fi network. The first time you connect your camera with UTP to your PC so you can enter password, IPnumber/DHCP and wifi-name + code.
After this you can reach the camera by wifi on your local network.
If you have set your router so that the IPCamera can be reached from the internet you can see the camera from everywhere.

For your phone there are plenty of apps which will control the IPCamera, like 'IP Cam viewer' , 'APCamera' or another one.

You do not need a Arduino unless you want to turn the IPCamera Power Supply On or Off. That can be done with a ethernetshield an a arduino and a basic program.
You do not need a new P.C., you need a new O.S.  Linux is free, safe, easy, fast and reliable.


Google forum search: Use Google Advanced Search and use Http://forum.arduino.cc/index in the "site or domain:" box.


I just don't know where i start with this project...
It's a great project... though, as someone said, probably one with no place for an Arduino.

The problem you will face is that there are many separate issues to resolve before it will work even a little bit.

To get started in this area...

Start with more hardware than you "need"... a full blown PC running a webserver.

That server should serve a page of html which includes an image called mypic.jpg stored on the PC.

Once that's working, you can start on feeding an image to the PC's hard drive from an IP cam.... have it over-write the previous mypic.jpg each time.

... and there you have it... you've made a start on a "read-only" web-cam. When you've got that far, you'll be better placed to go further, and create an interactive cam.

The Andriod is just there to let you use a browser to look at the image.

More at...


(There isn't much about cameras there... but there is information about server set up.)

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