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I am embarking on a long journey, in attempting to create a fully fledged imaging system from already existing parts. I've been disassembling cameras, researching, and tinkering for several months now, and i'm running into a heck of a problem.

     How would you go about getting and organizing the raw data from a CMOS image sensor??

Image processing is a daunting thing to get into, but is an image processor at its core really just a microcontroller with an algorithm programmed in?

Thank you!! I know the community is very knowledgeable here, hoping for some input.


Some more clarification: I know that a CMOS sensor records all the rows of pixels simultaneously, as opposed to a CCD which takes the data a row at a time. I know that the pixels themselves output a minute charge, sometimes processed slightly at the photosite (pixel), and that charge has to be registered as an analog signal and then amplified.
    Could an arduino be used to read and modify those amplified outputs?


    Could an arduino be used to read and modify those amplified outputs?

// Per.


Feb 24, 2017, 08:38 pm Last Edit: Feb 24, 2017, 08:38 pm by Zapro
Why not?
Because it's too slow, and it has too little memory.

// Per.

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