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Nice software, thank you very much.
Is it possible to add our own (simple) models of devices?
In our Robotics Club we use the Ultrasonic Transducer a lot (HC-SR04)



Back in early May, Damain, newbie, 3 posts, announced that there was a malware problem with the simulator downloads.

I looked into it, made enquiries, waited to see what developments arose.

Of several possible explanations, it seems that maybe an .exe being inside a .zip was giving rise to a false positive. I have read many places that Windows Defender is next to useless. I also haven't looked with great care... which is what you need to do in this wicked world, at the download link cited by Damain.

Today, I went to my own page about the simulator...


Used the "Catch your simulator... Go to..." link there, and a little RTMing... the download may not, today, be EXACTLY what is was when I wrote my page... fetched the zip for version 1.5, and on a Windows 7 (until MS highjacks it, with THEIR malware) did a malware scan of it with Eset's Intnernet Security, which I have been happy with for some time. No issues reported.

Off topic rant- Windows.... I've heard it said that the little red "x" in the upper right corner of the "Do you want to upgrade to Wondows 10"- type windows that are plaguing the planet has been reprogrammed to mean "Yes! Update me!"  (You know the window... the one that doesn't have a "no, go away, don't ask again" button.)

One of my systems took 20 hours to download the massive monstrosity that clutters my soon-to-be-Linux desktop PC, VDU monitor, with all sorts of stuff only appropriate to a internet enabled smartpone with a touchscreen. Bah!


I have not been able to download the arduino simulator...


Very nice software, saved me already a lot of time!

However i ran into a problem.
I like to simulate a program which makes use of the virtual wire library.
When including it, UnoArduSim complains at the first line of the library (#ifndef VirtualWire_h):
"PARSE ERROR: unable to parse line".

I'm running it on linux with wine, may that be an issue? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hi kernash, does this work OK on a real Arduino and/or on the Simulator: http://virtronics.com.au/Simulator-for-Arduino.html

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