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Topic: trying to get an 8x32 ws2812b RGB matrix programmed for a dj mask (Read 35 times) previous topic - next topic

I have just received my ws2812b 32x8 matrix from seedstudio.com(http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/8x32-RGB-LED-Matrix-w-WS2812B-DC-5V-p-2012.html) and when I hooked it up to my T-1000, the Error Light remained solid after many hours of internet searching and question/answer sessions. Now, i am choosing the Arduino approach. I have an Arduino Duemilanove and would like to know how to get the displays I keep seeing around. People have 8x8, 10x10, 16x32.....etc, but nobody has or wants to share how to get an 8x32 Matrix up and running. I saw a video of someone using Glediator to make a sequence and load it into a sketch, but there was no explanation given.  I would like to have animations, plasma walls, color wipes, rainbow trailing....that sort of thing.  I'm not getting any help, though.  This is actually for my DJing costume, so I would like a timely answer(if anyone can give one). Feel free to email me at: Makitsuotaku@gmail.com


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