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Author Topic: My arduClock (#wordclock #qlocktwo)  (Read 2315 times)
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hi friends :-)

this is my little  project: a selfmade wordclock inspired by Biegert & Funk. I know that such projects already exists, but i want show it to you. The clock works with a arduino nano v3. On my website i have some pictures... (sorry only a Facebook site).
My wordclock is already finished. At the moment I have photos from the case. I'll upload more pictures in the next few days.
Maybe this is an idea for your next project.

Features and characteristics of this clock are:

- The installed LEDs around the clock for ambilight or to show the seconds
- The accessible USB port
- The removable front panel
- The digital brightness sensor
- The built-in IR receiver to control on/off, to change the color etc.

The housing / design and the program code is developed by myself.

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Open your mind, but not too far, your brain might fall out!!

Also like model building, photography and keeping an eye on my 294? Cacti & Succs...

Take a look at

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Nice idea shame about it being Facebook though as I cannot see that site. Post the pictures here.

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