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Author Topic: Android-powered Develop Platform that helps create your dream Robots:Hippo-ADK  (Read 8 times)
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Hippo-ADK is an Android-powered Development Platform that helps create your dream robots and gadgets with your Android devices.

It connects with your Android phones and tablets in real-time through USB and Bluetooth, giving you instant access to cameras, LCD screens, and various types of sensors without having to spend a dollar on optional parts.

With Hippo-ADK and Hippo-Lego, you can tap in to these resources and link them with Lego, MakeBlock, or other DIY parts to make many fun, creative applications.
Especially since Hippo-ADK supports USB communication which has very small delay (0.5-3ms), it can make such interesting applications as a self-balancing robot using your phones whereas microcontroller board with only Bluetooth such as Lego NXT brick cannot.

Why you should be excited about Hippo-ADK:
1.   Easy coding; No hardware programming
Hippo-ADK uses graphical programming platform App Inventor or Java API to program. It substantially lowers the learning curve by completely bypassing hardware programming.
2.   Compatible with Arduino
Although hardware programming is not a requirement, you are welcome to use the Arduino language and IDE to extends our firmware capabilities.

Here are some examples using Hippo-ADK and Android phones:

You can program your Android devices and other external hardware using graphical programming. Here are some sample codes:
Control LED with Proximity Sensor and Digital Write

Flame Sensor and Alarm using Digital Read/Write

Self-Balancing Robot (partial)

MoleMash Game (partial)

Comparison Between Bluetooth and USB Connection
We compare the delay time when Hippo-ADK sends a command to an Android device, and the device sends it back to Hippo-ADK. It takes 0.5-3 ms via USB ADK whereas it takes 20-120 ms via Bluetooth.

Below is a game we created using Hippo-ADK and App Inventor. It uses physical buttons to control a retro-style smash-a-mole game. No hardware programming was involved.
For more information, see our Kickstarter campaign.
<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

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