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greetings all, I am interested in someone writing a simple arduino library for the isl1208 for personal use, available to anyone who might want it also. i will try to provide as much information as i can. this is a personal favorite of mine due to the alarm/int, and greater accuracy than the 1307. thank you in advance.

Datasheet here:

I can control it with the following code, but am confused on the hour setting. If i use any other format i get gibberish. a library would be much neater, than the code im using. i came up with the following code from the datasheet, but i am not skilled at coding so please forgive any errors that may be really obvious to the trained eye. thank you.

Code: [Select]

//device isl1208 address 0x6F
#include <Wire.h>
#include <avr/sleep.h>
#include <avr/power.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
byte seconds, hours, minutes, date, months, years, statusReg;

void setup () {

  Wire.write(0x07); //status register
  Wire.write(0x90);  //

  Serial.print(statusReg,HEX); //should be 144/0x90
  Serial.println("h - status register");*/

  //alarm setup
  Wire.write(0x08); //alarm register
  Wire.write(0x0c); //seconds alarm register
  Wire.write(0xB0); //secs
// set time
   Wire.write(0x00); //seconds register
   Wire.write(decToBcd(30)); //secs
   Wire.write(B10000111); //hour 7
   Wire.write(decToBcd(13)); //date
   Wire.write(decToBcd(01)); //month
   Wire.write(decToBcd(15)); //year
   Wire.write(0x07); //status reg addr
   readStatusReg(statusReg); */

void loop () {
  Wire.write(0x00); //status reg addr
  Wire.requestFrom(0x6f,6); // now get the 6 bytes of data...
  //hours=hours & B01111111; // remove mil time bit


byte readStatusReg(byte val){

  Wire.write(0x07); // read status reg to clr bits
  Wire.requestFrom(0x6f,1); // now get the byte of data...


byte bcdToDec(byte val)
  return ( (val/16*10) + (val%16) );

byte decToBcd(byte val)
  return ( (val/10*16) + (val%10) );

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