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I always liked, and still do like, Arduino Due, with 84MHz available for 12$ from China.

Recently I stumbled over the Lolin module and ordered it for <10$:

Normally clocked at 80MHz, it seems to be possible to run at 160MHz and 240MHz as well. Most importantly, while there are many ways to program it, it can be just programmed via Arduino IDE as well:

For the low price it brings not only WiFi and Bluetooth, but has mounted a 128x64 OLED display as well:

Graphics can be accessed by the Arduino SSD1306 library:

My first application will be "ground altimeter" for Raspberry Pi Zero W flying aceess point

on RC airplane:

Later maybe for streaming video from the airplane bottom mounted camera as well (on bigger, ILI9341 320x240 color LCD -- the videos are currently full HD and stored on SD card).

I thought this new Arduino might be of interest for others as well,


The module has a dual core 32bit CPU, one core does WiFi, Bluetooth and other stuff, the second is for you only:

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