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Hi everbody,
I have some weird problem with my load cell but i think that it isn't anything wrong with load cell.
So, let start explaining.
I have hx711.h and hx711.cpp from github ("https://github.com/bogde/HX711") and i find some video tutorials on youtube, after that i find some example that retrieves number from hx711 module. All that is ok, i get some number 8343700 and fluctuating and when I try to bend load cell with my hands that number changes value which is ok (need to calibrate my load cell).

But problem is when i try to embed that piece of code in my other program in which i supposed to send SMS messages with values from load cell. In that case wiring is all the same, but hx711 returns some 5 digits numbers something around 43500 and also fluctuating. So when I bend that load cell with hands sometimes i get number lower than zero!

hx711 is ADC module which supports 24 bit analog to digital conversion, how is possible that returns only 5 digits number?

I tried to turning off sim900 module, and comment all code which is reffers to sim900 but i get same thing.

Next thing I tried is to download first program which gets only number from hx711 and then everything is ok (I get something about 8343700)

but when i download second program with sim900 again same thing with 5 digit number. :(

Does anyone knows what am I missing here?
In my opinion that are two separated things, load cell and sim900!

Any help or suggestion is welcome

P.S. I dont have code or pictures because that is on my other laptop.

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