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Topic: HELP proj works when arduino connected to pc, when unplug it does not work (Read 51 times) previous topic - next topic


i have this project rc car controlled by phones tilt via bluetooth, the circuit is fine ,also the coding, i have a 9v battery connected to it,, when the arduino is connected to pc ,then i upload the code, open my app on the phone then connect to the bluetooth of car, it works fine ,forward reverse left right stop , all is working, but when i disconnect the cable from arduino to pc, the phone just disconnect to the rc cars bluetooth, HELP guys!!
what my problem is how do my project work without the arduino always connected to pc cause im gonna case my rc car :( :(


without knowing how your arduino is wired it will be difficult to give you an answer...


i attached my circuit , it has the wirings to the arduino


cloxart's reply should have said "Without knowing how your arduino is wired and what code it's running...".

Surely you are not really trying to use such a wimpy-assed battery to power the Arduino and two motors.

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