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So basically where I'm at now is I am looking for someone to write a code for my project which I am using my arduino uno to program onto a attiny84 chip. I have a traffic light and I want to get my program to do some specific things, however I have spent over 3 weeks trying to write this code with no luck and don't have anymore free time to spend on this project (per wife's orders).

I want the code to control a RED YELLOW and GREEN light to cycle upon power up. Red to come up with a random time between 16 and 55 seconds, yellow to be set at a fixed 4 seconds, and green to come up with a random time between 10 and 48 seconds. I want every cycle to pull up new random times on the red and green while always keeping yellow at a fixed 4 seconds. I want the cycle to start with the green time when first powered up or reset.

Also, I want the program to have a input for one momentary push button input that will send the program from normal cycle (during any part of the cycle) to flashing the yellow light at a rate of 533 milliseconds upon the first push, send the program to flashing the red light at a rate of 533 milliseconds upon the second push, and than return to normal cycle upon the third push and so on.
This push button will read low under normal and when pushed will read high.

I am really good at the electronics side of this and have already designed the pcb board and received the components but I have not got enough experience with programing to write the actual code which is where I need someones help.

My PCBs pins have already been assigned for the attiny84 as follows:

Pushbutton = attiny84 pin 5
Red Light = attiny84 pin 11
Yellow Light = attiny84 pin 12
Green Light = attiny84 pin 13

Please respond if you can write this program and let me know what your charge for your time would be. I could pay for your time through Pay-Pal.

Thanks for your help :)


Hi Steve

I've sent you a PM about this.


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