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 I am a freelance artist for Disney and Lucasfilm but currently working on a project for Rankin/Bass who made Frosty the Snowman, rudolph, etc. I am looking to have my art talk then light up. I was told to use Arduino. I know nothing about programming when it comes to sound boards, etc. Im mostly the creative mind LOL. Plus I have a Mac and most of the items use PC. I basically have a large animation cel done on thick plexi glass. I have Frosty and the girl painted on it and behind it I sectioned off parts I want to light up with long strands of small LEDs. Id like that when a button is pushed that it starts the audio of the Girl when she gets the magic hat, then when she puts it on Frosty id like a set of lights to twinkle shortly as magic of hat goes to work and then when Frosty says Happy Birthday I want all of him to light up.  I came up with the audio/light idea far into the project and deadline is soon. I would Greatly appreciate any help and I can offer you much more work with my design comapny. Thanks

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