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So glad to see you're still here Billie.

A "friend" told me that he could build myself a killer controller for my system. After 4 months of requesting as to where my controller was, I was given a box of parts and told of a "Billie" to Google search for. So here I am. Struggling with finding libraries, editing code, and crying. But also learning so much.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to version 2 being made available. I am also excited to see as how you have implemented the Arduarium Shield into your project.

  Since I am not a programmer at all, I would like to help either monetarily or by acquiring parts for you.  At some point in a forum I had noticed that someone offered to send some Bitcoin in appreciation for your efforts. I wasn't sure if you were still using that address. Upon checking the blockchain, I see no transactions. I would like to send you a little bit to help with your en devours. I can't offer much but if you can provide a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Dogecoin address I would be more than happy to send you the equivalent of .075 BTC.

  Thanks again for all of your efforts and I look forward to seeing updates.


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Hello everyone,

I started to build this project for my hydroponic system. A lot of work for a beginner but also tons of fun.

I have my Arduino up and running, display, pH probe & RTC attached. Guess my DHT22 sensor was faulty, couldn't get any readings from it. Ordered few replacement parts for that.

Now I'm  trying to hook up relay, peristaltic pumps and power adapters. Is this correct way to do it?



This thread is so amazing, and am very glad Billie is sharing his schematics and code for free as many others would see this as an opportunity to get money.  I too got into Arduino to automate my indoor grow as using timers everywhere with extension cord on top of extension cord is just not safe or practical.  I only have an Uno/r3 now and a few LEDs/resistors, but this is just to learn some coding and interfacing skills.  I (like Billie) am on a vise tight budget and once my HID lighting is turned on, all available funds are going right into the power bill.  I have taken the time to carefully read all 10 pages of this thread and will reread them all to better absorb the things I need to learn.  I am eagerly awaiting Billie's latest developments for EC and ethernet capabilities.

1)  will your controller be able to be controlled remotely, say from a smartphone?
2) will wireless control lend towards freeing up space used for processing and defer the need for that space to the host device?  Being unlearned in this, my ignorance might have gotten the best of me but if the mega is coupled to something like a raspberry pi, can't the Pi be utilized for processing and also redirect every parameter to the internet for wireless control?

I am hoping to one day be able to change out my reservoirs remotely via smartphone.  I change out my reservoirs every 7 to 10 days as EC/PPM readings do nothing towards alerting me how much N, P, K and all the micros and trace elements were consumed, so I must waste that and constantly rebuild to have the best balance of everything.  With that said, I have a pretty strict recipe using mostly General Hydroponics nutrients, but having to manually do everything to multiple reservoirs is too much and very cumbersome.

TYIA Billie for being who you are, and TYIA to all those helpful individuals sharing to this thread.


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Thank you very much, this is a very nice project that I plan on using, thanks for sharing! I was just wondering how I would change the temperature from C to F?

and also, I was wondering where the coding is at for the DHT11, you dont call out a library for it or have anything in the source code that calls out much


Would it be possible to merge the arduino with a raspberry pi to also use say a web cam on top of, or in conjunction with Billie's HC?  It would sure be nice to have the ability to visualize our gardens without needing to be physically there.




Hi everyone,  and good work Billie. I am excited to start my garden controller project. I have been looking for someone that has made a good controller, that is open source. I just downloaded the Hydroponic Control v 1.1.2b? Can someone confirm that it is the latest or most current version? I also planning on adding a co2 sensor and just copied the post by DX and hope to be able to modify the code if needed. I see that many people are having trouble with touchscreens. Anyone know of which one is the most reliable and will be compatible with the code as is?

Thanks for any help..

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