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Author Topic: How to Start Learning Arduino?  (Read 246 times)
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Hi Guys,

I wanted to start learning  Arduino.

Please suggest me in

1) which board model to begin with?
2)where to buy it in India with best or cheap price?
3)basic acceseries or parts needed for beginners?

It would be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

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The Arduino Uno board is the easiest board to start with.
There are fake/clones/compatible Uno boards, but they might be bad quality or not compatible.

Download the software, install the drivers, and try the example for a blinking led. That's all.
Once you have the blinking led, you can try to change the code (called the 'sketch') and see what happens.

When that is working, it depends on your interest what to do next. It can be leds, sensors, motors, and so on.

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