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Kanskje Scandinavian er rett sted for rett hjelp?
Ta en titt her:

UVA/RPAS Drone pilot light, My new arrived Arduino need to do else the "Hello word-led blink...
So to my DJI P3 drone, this is the project text:

// Project 1 - Pilot UVA Lights

int ledDelay = 400; // delay by 400ms
int redPin = 3;
int green1Pin = 5;
int green2Pin = 6;

void setup() {
pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(green1Pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(green2Pin, OUTPUT);


void loop()


So far, so good, but
how to tell Arduino at power on "run this cycle for 3 minutes ON, pause OFF for 2 minutes, after OFF period re-start again;
while in this period of tot. 5 minutes, this happened:

LED red at pin 3 Give two flash (400mS) each 4th second (duration flash periode 1 second),
while two seperate green led (=1 & 2) stay stable for constant 40 % light in this 2 minutes periode, LED 1 flash twice within 1 second, pause 3 second, before green LED 2 flashing twice duration 1 second, pause 3 second, green LED 1 start this cycle again. RED led running it's own cycles, at same time as GREEN led operating.

This is my Arduino project with RED 2 parallel 3 watts mini LED, and two seperate 3 watt green mini LED. Using a MOSFET n-Ch. for drive this 3W led, MOSFET 30 volt @ 5,8A-SOT-23 case.
Power source: Li-Po 11.1 volt 1200mAh. The out put stage are already finish, but this program step, are more complicated to finished.

Thanks for reading, any volunteers to help me?

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