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Hi everyone,

I am using 2 xbee pro s2b modules and I would like to configure them to work in a mesh network(NOT peer-to-peer) using the X-CTU program.

The one module will be remote and connected on an Arduino, which will be the transmitter. The other one will be connected on a computer, which will be the receiver.

I have searched a lot and the closest i could get was to get them broadcasting.

I am new to this, but i believe i am getting the hand of it, so if you could be as detailed as possible on how to configure them it would be most appreciated.



A network is needed when you have 3 or more devices. Why do you need a network for 2 devices?

What have you tried? What worked? What didn't?


First of all, i only have 2 xbee pro s2b for the time being, but i want to create a mesh network between them in case i want to extend the range of the transmission later on.

Secondly, the closest information i could get for this was how to make it broadcast the information and i surely searched for endless hours. I couldn't find anything regarding mesh network.

I haven't tried anything special until now because i simply didn't have any information to guide me on how to implement it.


A link to the XBees would be useful - and not a e-bay resellers site.

Jack Christensen

The XBees automatically create the mesh network, you don't need to do anything special to have it happen. Be sure to get a copy of the Digi Product Manual and become familiar with it. This is one of the best sources of information.

Here is the simplest way that I have found to get them talking in AT (transparent) mode.
MCP79411/12 RTC ... "One Million Ohms" ATtiny kit ... available at http://www.tindie.com/stores/JChristensen/

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