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I have read lots about DIY segway, but many of the guides does not show exactly how to connect it all, neither code for the new digital gyro+accelerometer.
I have no knowledge of electronics or programming. Im currently studying to be a nurse and have seen that the segway would be great in both nursing facilites and homes.
The problem is the only "real" one you can buy cost a fortune! (you all know wich one Im talking about).
Anyway, I was hoping on some help to create a Simple, DIY "grandma" edition. Everything explained in a cute PDF afterwords.

I think of first using some cheap box, weels and such (but the motors and electronics will cost some).
If The "prototype" works I want to weld rebar to a better looking box to stand on, create a PDF wich include a nice picture on how to connect all cards together so (as I said before) even grandma can assemble it.
I want to present a buy-list.
I want to explain how to weld the rebar together cheapest way possible and so on.

Like a DIY 2013 kit so that everyone can afford this (hopefully) stable and awesome electrical human transport.

Version one should basiclly include:

2*24v, 250w DC motors.
Arduino UNO
IMU Digital Combo Board - 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345 from SparkFun
Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver (high A, so nothing burns or something, even if u go up to 1000w motor) ?! is there a cheaper alternative that is the same or better?
Serial Enabled 16x2 LCD - White on Black 5V to display battery percentage left.
Potentiometer for the steering (left/right) ?

I made a picture with the components, maby someone can download it and connect the last pins at It should be?

Is there any pro that would like to help me on how to connect it all and with the programming? :smiley-red:
Really want to try this "kit" on elderly people! Can it help them?

Best regards, Robert.



I have to say, this is the best "do it for me" kit that I've seen so far ;)

This guy is the dogs doodaas on the subject, see what he has to say.
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Thanks. I have read about his robot erlier but not on that site. The link you posted are more what I was looking for.


Really want to try this "kit" on elderly people! Can it help them?

No you don't. You try it on yourself if you want to stay out of trouble. You also need to reevaluate how useful your segway will be in a medical facility (without icluding fantacy thinking). Interesting project otherwise. DIY versions below.

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