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Hi guys, I'm new here, hope you could help me  :smiley-fat:

I'm setting up a Quadrocopter (Arduino controlled self-evidently  ;) ) and for this purpose I need a PID controller.
I already got my gyro L3G4200d (not the one from Sparkfun (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10612), but one with the same chip (http://www.play-zone.ch/de/elektronik-kit-zubehoer/sensoren/drei-achs-gyroskop-breakout-l3g4200d.html) yeah it is in german  :P
My problem is, if I'm reading values (or controlling servos with it) it sometimes suddenly stops transmitting data or (even worse) gets stuck with random values.
I don't want this to happen sometimes in mid-flight, so I hope you could help me fixing this problem.

Cheers  :%


is the power supply stable? :)
r there enough capacitors near that chip?

u could ask the manufacturer, what may cause that f√ľnny behavior...  :D

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