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Thanks. Is Google Drive free?



Does it have any periodic backup feature? Dropbox doesn't seem to have any backup feature. What I'd like to have is scheduled and manual (push a button) backup of select folders to local machines.

I'm not sure what you mean by a backup feature; it's essentially the same service as Dropbox where it automatically backs up any new/updated files and folders within the Google Drive folder to their servers, and syncs it to any computer with the program installed. Are you talking about something like a "snapshot" feature?


I use FileHamster to provide automatic versioning on my dev machine, it's far more convenient than a full blown change control system for little things like this. The FileHamster repository is backed up in the cloud for the odd occasion when I need to work remotely.
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I'm using Dropbox too and it's working great.
Just recently I accidentally deleted the wrong sketch :0 and I was able to retrieve it  :) through Dropbox as it keeps copies of your (deleted) files.


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It's simple , you just have to create two user , user of your own and users to share with others , but it's seems too difficult , so why don't you use the alfresco cloud server that will give an online 10G free account , used for enterprise management system  , you just have to use your own company email , not the online free email .

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