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as part of a project i am developing I am trying to find the best way to fit wireless sound transmission in an object. What I am looking for is something similar to the many speakers that use the AirPlay protocol, so that people can use their apple devices to play music wirelessly.

Has anybody made their own diy airplay system? I am sure that 79£ for an airport express is definitively much more expensive than what the technology actually costs, right?



Someone has used a Raspberry to to this.. but it's a little bit messy though. Still cheaper then buying the Apple airport, but you need a raspberry + a usb wifimodule + a usb soundcard. http://lifehacker.com/5978594/turn-a-raspberry-pi-into-an-airplay-receiver-for-streaming-music-in-your-living-room

Is there anything that contains all these together?

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