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Nick Gammon

I understand your remark regarding "my sketch" but the question is of more general nature.

Oh well, if we are talking generally ...


You can "guard" code by putting noInterrupts () ... interrupts ()  around it.

I presume you have working the need to set the appropriate SS lines, as you say it is more-or-less working.

This could mean for example that program execution jumps to the interrupt in the middle of a Serial.println()-statement.

Virtually anywhere. Some code is already guarded to make sure that variables are accessed atomically. You may also need to do that.

Just be aware that doing X when interrupts are off will defer X until interrupts are re-enabled. Plus a timer interrupt may be queued as well. You may be reducing the window of time in which X (plus timers etc.) are done so small that you run out of time.



Thank you very much for the reply. I will study both the link and the library in further detail. The explanation in the link was exactly what I was looking for. The code is working fully, I'm just going over it again to see if I can simplify things.

Cheers !


ps @nick: that is an awfully big collection of notes you've got there, very nice !

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