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Good evening,

I am working on a arduino UNO with the goal to switch to an arduino mini pro.

I am use to do that

Serialsoftware cell(2,3);

For the GPRS signal.

I am also getting GPS cords and until now I always saw examples which use the pin 2 and 3 pour the GPS and GPRS signal.

I would like to desperate both and use pin 2 and 3 for GPRS and pin 0 and 1 for GPS.

Serialsoftware cell(2,3);
Serialsoftware gps(0,1);

Is possible to use 0 and 1? Or should I use other pin.
I am a beginner and I heart that pin 0 and 1 are reserved.

What do you think?

Thank a lot.
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Pins 0 and 1 are connected to hardware serial, so you don't need to use SoftwareSerial on them.
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More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


so you don't need to use SoftwareSerial on them.

And, in fact, it doesn't work if you try.
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