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I just finished the layout for a L297 - L298 Bipolar Stepper Driver on Vero for Arduino.

The idea is to free up a couple of outputs per driver on the Arduino by using only Direction and Step Pins to control the motor. All the rest can be configured on the driver board by either hard wiring or using jumpers.

This is my first Stepper Driver and I wanted to keep it simple. Since I'm only planning to use a 12V 400mA Motor, I felt the currents will be low enough to not worry about current sensing and the chopper parts of the circuit. Please let me know if you guys have any comments on the matter...?

I've checked the entire circuit quite a few times, starting over each time an error was found and corrected. The circuit passed one complete check and that is what you're looking at.

I need a fresh pair of eyes to make sure of the following things:
1. Will the circuit in the schematic drive a 2 Phase Bipolar Stepper?
2. Does the vero Layout reflect the schematic 100% ?

Resistors connected to 5V = 4K7
Resistors connected to Ground  = 10K
Capacitor 1: Boxed Poly 0.1uF 63V
Capacitor 2: Electrolytic 470uF 35V
Diodes: BYW98-200-P238

*Note the insulated jumper at the top of the board

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