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Hi all,
Im currently working on a project that would be greatly enhanced by an LCD screen. I would like to know if with the other things im running it is possible.
Theses are the pins currently being used:
Code: [Select]
int TempPin = A0;  // Analog input pin that the potentiometer is attached to
int HeadPin = A1;   // water level sensor
int BodyPin = A2;   // water level sensor
int TailPin = A3;   // water level sensor
int ResHiPin = A4;   // water level sensor
int ResLoPin = A5;  // water level sensor
int RelayPin = 8;  // 5v solidstate relay and resistor to ground.
int PumpPin = 5;  //pwm to MOSFET controlling DC Motor
int ServoPin = 10;  /servo
int SpkrPin = 11;  //peizo
int SolPin = 12;  // Mosfet to 12v solenoid
int ButtonPin = 2;  //press button

I want to use the 3 wire LCD as described here: http://playground.arduino.cc/Code/LCD3wires
It is written using pins 10,11, and 12, is there going to be any issues for me with using Tone (speaker control) and servo and PWM?
im asking because I recently found out that Tone disables PWM on 3 and 11 and Servos disables PWM on 11 and 12.
I can move my servo, peizo and mosfet off of 10, 11 and 12, but i wanted to make sure that the LCD would work before buy it.

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