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Hi Guys :)

I have an Arduino Uno, two IRLZ34N´s for PWM and a Magnetic switch shield for 230V. (Its no problem to add other IC´s like RTC).
Here what i want to do:
1. LED PWM brightness control trough the day (something like sunrise and dawn, meaning LEDs go slowly bright in the morning and go slowly off at afternoon) - real time clock circuit probably required (If possible id like to use http://www.easydiag.cz/easydiag/eshop/3-1-Arduino-elektronika/0/5/56-RTC-modul-pro-Arduino-s-DS1307-a-pameti-24C32&quot , its a RTC board with a option for a onewire 18B20 thermal sensor)
2. Switching on/off a heating pad according to a temperature mesurement. (Off in the night)

Anyone up for the task?




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