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I have a 5" TFT (800x480) w/ SD card (128MB), a Mega 1280 and a Mega 2560 (DUE on the way). I want to save a full screen bitmap to the SD card. However, none of the arduino's have enough memory (RAM or Flash) to store the bitmap to write it to the card. I noticed if I write a small bitmap to the card with the arduino and also write the same file to the card with my PC, it is not the same format. The data in the two files are different. Is there a way I can write a large bitmat to the card with my PC and be able to read the file with the arduino? I have very little experience with SD cards, but I learn quickly.

Thanks for any help,


Im relatively new to arduino and have been having trouble recently with reading files from a SD card... Which I've now resolved.

I used...

http://www.picresize.com ~ to resize the image. (320x240 pixels in my case)

http://henningkarlsen.com/electronics/t_imageconverter565.php ~ to convert it to a .raw file

https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/eula_windows ~ to format the card

I then copied the various .raw files to the sd card... plugged it in and it finally worked and displayed perfect images.

I hope this info is in some way useful


Thanks PeteA,
  Actually, I figured it out yesterday and as you stated I needed to transfer the .raw image file to the card. Previously I was putting a .c file on the card. Thanks for the reply anyway.



No problem... Glad you have it working!

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