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    I am trying to communicate :smiley-zipper: through serial with the Arduino.  

Os: Windows

All the tutorial requires the php serial class. I downloaded the code , but where do I put it?  In my webserver folder(ex /www/Arduino/php_serial.class.php)?

Do I add the folder where it is located as an environement variable?

Do I put it in a php program folder?

Thank you  :smiley-yell:


Find an answer: just include it in my project folder where the index.php is.

index.php will request at the beginning of the script.

Newbie I am.

Thank you


PHP is great for writing to the serial port, on Windows, Linux, and Macs.

PHP is great for reading from the serial port, on Linux and Macs. It can't, on Windows.

On Windows, it may not be the best choice.
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