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The main problems in the thread talking about crystals and serial issues was that the crystal pins need to be shielded from the serial pins. In short, have a ground ring around the crystal/capacitor circuit and have the crystal as close to the chip as possible. Atleast that is my take on it.

My take away from the people having the problems was that the fuse byte change seemed to be the most effective and simple solution. I wasn't seeing the problem on my Boburino 1284P board but changed the fuse setting just as a precaution.



So its just my hardware that the fuses work correctly for?  I must have the golden touch.

You are indeed the Jedi-fencer of 1284P PCB designs.  :D




Right, so I can take this simple "island of holes" board, wirewrap it up, bring in power via an FTDI module, bootload it via an AVR ISP MKii, then download a sketch via the FTDI module, and I'm the only one in the whole forum able to get this to work?

Chip is date coded 1050.

Here's my 1284 board files and the entry from boards.txt.  Maybe there's something different about my bootloader file?
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